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Sarah J Morrison.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Azeroth.
Favourite genre of music: Various.
Favourite style of art: Various.
Operating System: Windows 10.
Favourite Characters: Jonas Quinn, Cam Mitchel & Vala from SG-1, LoZ:WW's Link&Zelda, LoZ:SS's Link and Zelda :D, LoZ:TP's Link & Midna (;, Kain and Raziel from LoK, Khadgar & Varian Wrynn from WC series, Adam Jensen from DX:HR...JC Denton too, for good measure, All three Trine characters, Teemo from LoL :D, Garak, Miles O'Brien and Dr. Julian Bashir from DS9.
Personal Quote: Good Day, Mentlegen.
  • Listening to: Some 70's thing I heard in an advert earlier
  • Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 [KJV]
  • Watching: ST:TNG
  • Playing: WoW, Artemis Bridge Sim....Sims 4 (hoho)
  • Eating: Still have toast left
  • Drinking: Cold Tea
    Hello folks!

:bulletyellow::bulletpink:First one to screenshot and note or e-mail me with the 30k Kiriban gets a free request from me! [OCs please!] Good hunting guys!:bulletpink::bulletyellow:

Commissions I'm offering:

Monthly sale ◘ on one of the commission styles that I offer below! Keep an eye out for monthly deals if you're ever interested!

:bulletblue: February's deal! :bulletblue: Buy one Chibi sketch, get a second free! (Read below for more information!)



I offer a Loyal Customer discount!!

:bulletpink: Loyal Customers will receive a 10% discount off their next commission! And yes! It does stack with the monthly deal! How cool is that?! :bulletpink:

*Loyal Customers are those who have purchased at least one commission from me previously.*

Since I primarily work in digital art, I'm offering digital character work, if that tickles your fancy. Bear in mind these are SKETCH works in my regular art style, and won't be painted to "perfection".

~*~*:bulletpink:~*~*:bulletpurple: CHIBI COMMISSIONS: :bulletpurple:*~*~:bulletpink:*~*~ 

 ~*~CHIBI SKETCH: £5 :bulletblue:(Monthly deal, buy one get one free!):bulletblue: [Example:  Goshenite (Chibi Sketch) by Sgt-Sahara  Tunl snaeks rool by Sgt-Sahara ]
  ~*~CHIBI COLOURED: £10 [Example:  Hey Gorgeous~ by Sgt-Sahara]
  ~*~*~ (Slightly more detailed ones would be between £15-£20: [Example:  Tianagosa, the Spell-Keeper by Sgt-Sahara]

:bulletpink: Additional chibis don't come with a discount and therefore will be charged at £5 per chibi (sketch) and £10 per chibi (coloured). Slightly more detailed chibis will also cost £15-£20 depending, per chibi. 

~*~*~*:bulletblue::bulletblack: CARTOONY COMMISSIONS: :bulletblack::bulletblue:*~*~*~
  Cartoonies are a some-what more stylized version of my more detailed style of artwork. They're somewhere in-between chibis and my regular art. And yes! These commissions come as full body commissions! 

~*~CARTOONY SKETCH: £20 [Example:  Tiana (Cartoony Sketch) by Sgt-Sahara ]
~*~*~CARTOONY SKETCH COLOURED: £25 [Example:  A.I. gr8r thn Hoo-man by Sgt-Sahara  Chivalry by Sgt-Sahara]

:bulletpink: Both Chibi and Cartoony commissions come with a generic colour background. 
:bulletblue: If you want a more detailed background, bring it up with me. It'll cost anything from £2-£5 extra.
:bulletpink: Additional characters would be charged at £15 for a sketch, £20 for coloured.


~*~DIGITAL CHARACTER BUST SKETCH: £20 [Example:  Kaos (Bust Sketch) by Sgt-Sahara ]
*~*DIGITAL CHARACTER BUST COLOURED [Version 1]: £25: [Example:  DD Busts by Sgt-Sahara]

~*~DIGITAL CHARACTER BUST COLOURED [Version 2]: £30: [Example:  The Hunters by Sgt-Sahara  Two Hunts by Sgt-Sahara  Captain John Hunt + Commander Vusnok by Sgt-Sahara]

  :bulletblue:Note: Backgrounds in bust commissions other than the bog-standard plain colour as shown in [V1] will cost an extra £1-5 depending on how detailed it is.
  :bulletblue:Likewise, as stated below, more detailed clothing or armour (etc) in either [V1] or [V2] of busts will be £30 or £35 accordingly.


~*~DIGITAL CHARACTER WAIST-UP SKETCH: £30 [Example:  Merlin (Waist-up Sketch) by Sgt-Sahara  Shield of the Light by Sgt-Sahara This example would be £35.

~*~DIGITAL CHARACTER WAIST-UP COLOURED [Version 1] £35 [Example:  Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Jr. by Sgt-Sahara  Dah-na-na-naah! by Sgt-Sahara 

Mature Content

The Best Attire for Killing Zombies by Sgt-Sahara

--------  ---------  --------  ---------
*~*DIGITAL CHARACTER WAIST-UP COLOURED [Version 2]: £40 [Example: Turpentine...? by Sgt-Sahara  You Again by Sgt-Sahara   5 Energy Drinks by Sgt-Sahara  Heart Theft by Sgt-Sahara  The Eye of Al'Akir by Sgt-Sahara   From the Streets by Sgt-Sahara ]
  [  Selfie with the Bros by Sgt-Sahara  Loveseat by Sgt-Sahara  Emily by Sgt-Sahara<-- (These are examples of 'more detailed', therefore would be more expensive than the average bear.)]

:bulletblue: Most pictures will come with a generic colour background. If more a detailed background is desired, please bring it up with me, will probably be anything between £5-£10 extra. 

:bulletpink: Additional Characters are £25 for sketch, £30 for [V1] coloured or £35 for [V2] coloured. 
More complex designs will be £35 for a sketch, £40 for [V1] coloured, £50 for [V2] coloured and £35-45 for an extra character.

:bulletblue: Either colour version can be picked for any commission and will be priced accordingly! :D

Monthly deal offer only applies to one character! Additional characters will still be charged at the normal price!


I work through paypal only. I'll have to ask for payment before I start working on the image.
If you have any queries or to contact me, you can reach me at I check my e-mails religiously so I'll usually always get back to you pretty quickly.

:bulletpink: There are a few things that I won't be willing to work on, and you can ask me about those before we start, if you wish. 
If it so turns out that your commission is out-with the confines of my will's-and-won't's, don't worry! I'll do my best to try and refer you on to some other artists that might be willing to tackle your commission! (:

Hope you have a good day folks, and thank you in advance! I look forward to working with you! (:

God Bless you guys! (: x

~ Sarah x



Hebrews 4:16 (King James Version)
16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.


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